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  1. Possible bug. I have 2 dvd burners on the same computer. When I try to make a copy of a dual-layer, CDburner complains that the target does not have enough space (which of course is a dual-layer too). Making an ISO of the disk first and then burning it works fine. Regular DVD copy works ok. Anyone can confirm ? version
  2. would you please explain what is Starburn ? Tx
  3. Yes confirmed too. Revert to and it's fine. (thank god I kept it) Crash after the burn but the disk seems to be ok. It's the second time an update fuck up Iso writing. Got to do more testing before releasing. There is nothing worst then regressing software. I'm going to hold on for next update. 2 more coasters ... damned.
  4. First thank you so much for your excellent program. Confirm that 4.3 has a problem in copying disk. Not enough space reported on target disk. Returned to 4.2 which is fine. Tx
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