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  1. I made an audio CD using the latest version of the software and the problem is still the same. I realy hope that this can be fixed. The last track just keeps on replaying as before.
  2. Hi again. I made a CD last night, and unfortunately the last track problem has happened again. It's strange as it seemed to be fixed. But the last track kept on replaying, as it did previously. I will e-mail the log file over to Flo. Thank you.
  3. I downloaded the latest 32bit version (there was no beta to download), and like you said, the files could be added into the burn list no problem. Also, the last track problem is now fixed. Life is perfect again, thank you very much!
  4. Yes, I can send you a file which makes it fail every single time, yet works perfectly with the previous proper release. I will e-mail it to you right now.
  5. When making an audio CD, from MP3 files, what randomly happens as I try to copy (either a block of files across, or even just one), the box pops up telling me that it's adding the file(s) but the box stays there and it will sometimes say not responding after a while, or it might keep trying, or it might just hang. And I have to bring up task manager and end it. Doesn't happen with all files. But the files it does happen with, work perfectly in the previous, stable release, I know that for certain as I have just made the CD, a log file for which I have e-mailed for the last track problem.
  6. I have just tried to use the beta version 4.5, but it hangs when trying to add tracks and then crashes. So I am using the latest proper release and I still have the same problem, on my car CD player it gets to the last track on the CD and then keeps playing the last track, over and over. Been trying for ages but I can't work out how to attached the log file, so I have e-mailed it. Thanks.
  7. Thank you for the reply. Will try it and let you know.
  8. I have a similar, and possibly related problem, in that my audio CD's burned using the program, when played in the car, replay the last track over and over, instead of going back to track one. Could this be fixed at all please, it is stopping me from using the program at the moment.
  9. When I create on audio CD, my car CD player plays the disc as normal then gets to the last track and repeats it over and over, instead of going to track one. CD's created in any other software work as normal, it is only discs created with CDBurnerXP. Could anyone help with this please? Thank you.
  10. No, almost never. If you add gaps onto your CD's, then the songs which blend into one another, which happens a lot these days, sound terrible with a two second pause between them. In any case, it's pointess adding extra silence between songs, I don't know anyone who chooses to do it, which is why most CD burning programs are set to zero gaps. Just like CDBurnerXP is, which is why I find it difficult to understand how it fails to add the time correctly, when the gaps are zero by default.
  11. Thanks for your reply Flo. So all audio CD's assume that a 2 second gap is included, even though it's set to zero in the properties? But doesn't that mean that every audio CD that you try to make will show the incorrect time? That must cause a problem for a lot of people trying to burn CD's close to (but under) 80 minutes. Would it not be better for the program to assume zero gaps for it's disc time, as that's the default setting anyway.
  12. Here it is Flo, as you can see, the total disc time is shown as 80 minutes and 24 seconds. This is incorrect. And it has caused some trouble burning it to disc. It has happened on another CD also. As an experiment I put the same files into Windows Media Player, again with zero gaps, and the total time was shown correct at 79 minutes and 50 seconds.
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