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  1. I burned two DVDs and made a copy of each. It took an hour per disk, a total of four hours. Is this normal? (The DVDs were data disks consisting of large image files (50 to 100+ megabytes each).
  2. My thoughts are that this is a GREAT little program! I imagine you have worked very hard to make it as good as it is. I am even MORE pleased because I quickly dragged four playlists into the burn window, burned the CD and played it in my car CD player. To my great pleasure the songs appeared in the same order that they were burned, not rearranged by title. Further... When I burn a playlist using Win Media Player 11 I get "pops" in many of the songs. They occur at a particular place in the song, a random place, but always in some particular part of each particular song. That is, the Pops are burned into the sound track as the CD is burned. I have tried different brand CDs with no help. Audio CDs burn just fine. All my ripped CDs are in MP3 format. The Pops are very loud and irritating, so when CDBurnerXP works PERFECTLY and makes CDs from playlists with ease, I am a very happy camper. I cannot thank you enough for producing this marvelous program, and that you offer it for free is beyond my understanding. You deserve to be paid.
  3. What flo suggested WORKS. To make a MP3 data disk from playlists, just drag the Windows Media Playlist into the burn window. It will then convert that list into a list of MP3 files to be burned. Marvelous. (Media Player 11 stores playlists in a folder called "My Playlists" which is inside the "My Music" folder. I use Win XP if that matters.)
  4. First, this FREE cd burner is very good, and much appreciated. I suspect that "Flo" is associated with the author (programmer), or is the programmer, or does some programming, or works in some other capacity on the product. And, I suppose that it gets really tiresome answering hundreds of questions. And some of those questions are so basic to make answering them irritating. However, despite that, it seems reasonable that questions can be answered in some other manner than cryptically. The answers "flo" gave were so brief as to be irritating. All that was needed was a straight answer. What turned up was an absolutely AWESOME feature within CDBurnerXP which makes this piece of FREE software almost indispensable. I will look around for an option to donate to their cause.
  5. Well, yes. I made one data disk of MP3s. There was no obvious way to get a playlist into the "add files" area. Playlists in Windows Media Player are stored in a folder called "My Playlists" in the "My Music" folder. The playlists are WPL files, some sort of data file. I don't have file editors that examine the contents of those files, but since they are small, 1-20 KB, they certainly don't contain the songs. So, dragging them into the burn window would be pointless. The Audio File feature has a specific place where you can add files from a Win Media Player playlists, so CDBurnerXP authors must know how to manipulate the My Playlists (WPL) files. If someone know how to get CDBurnerXP to read playlists into data files, I most certainly would like to know.
  6. It would be SOOOO nice to be able to make an MP3 data disk from a Media Player Playlist. You can do this for an audio cd, but not a data CD. Right?
  7. Thanks, "Help" person. I was absolutely UNaware of that technical feature. I will check out my car "radio/cd player" manual.
  8. When I burned a data file (to burn MP3 files) CDBurnerXP re-sorted the playlist. Can this be prevented? Please help. Is there a better way to burn MP3s?
  9. The Order was scrambled when I made a disk using "Data Disk" which seems to be what one uses to make MP3 music disks. I put in three albums. Each song starts with 01 title, 02 title, etc. They were added by album so the list in the Added colum had this: 01 title album 1, 02 title album 1, etc. 01 title album 2, 02 title album 03, etc. When the CD was burned it arranged the songs in this order: 01 title album 1, 01 title album 2, etc. 02 song album 1, 02 song album 2. This is exactly what Roxio does and it is very frustrating. (When I made an audio CD from my MP3 files it converted them to the generic CD format.)
  10. I have all my music in Windows Media Player in WMA format. I want to play CDs with MP3 files in my car. Apparently there is no way to convert file types within CDBurnerXP. Right?
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