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  1. Hi, thank you, it works now with latest version. I inform ASE vendor about this, they just ask me what was those dll's... Rgds, Jyrki
  2. Here comes ASE directory listing. Rgds Jyrki Directory of C:\Program Files\iTripoli\AdminScriptEditor 06.04.2010 07:51 06.04.2010 07:51 24.06.2009 00:10 2ÿ176ÿ000 AdminScriptEditor.exe 29.04.2009 04:31 15ÿ976 AdminScriptEditor.exe.config 25.07.2008 18:20 529 AdminScriptEditor.exe.manifest 24.06.2009 00:08 1ÿ402ÿ063 ASE.chm 08.04.2009 04:32 84ÿ992 ASE.exe 06.04.2010 07:51 06.04.2010 07:51 10.03.2007 06:09 52ÿ867 EULA.rtf 06.04.2010 07:51 24.06.2009 00:11 99ÿ399 readme
  3. Hello all I get this error messages: "A method could not be found in one of application's components. CDBurnerXP will not be able to function properly. Please reboot your computer in order to complete possibly unfinished installations and reinstall CDBurnerXP if that does not help." Operating system is Windows 7 (also Windows XP). Error messages comes when select Data disk or Audio disk from startup menu. Data disk compilation hang and cannot close (close only via task manager). Audio disk compilation can close normal way. Seems that problem exist only when software "Admin Script E
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