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  1. ive enclosed a snap shot of my desktop with kevin and perry being copied across from my d drive into cdxp. As you can see in task manager it just keeps leaking memory until all of the pc memory is used then it crashes and locks the pc up. It simply eats more and more and more memory.
  2. Ive just updated from 2474 to the latest 2513. Im running windows 7 64 bit sp1 if i add mp3s in the 2474 version its done instantly no problem at all. copied straight across. If I install the x64 bit without candy it takes 10 mins to copy the same mp3 across from 1 drive to cdxp. All of my multicore cpu`s max out and the system literally hangs. If i unistall this 2513 and go back to 2474 its perfect instant add and bingo all back to normal. Put 2513 back and the system stands still. Any logs you need i can send do etc. just checked on my laptop networked as well maxes that out same time reinstall old version perfect
  3. Flo just recommened this to a friend and he carnt even install it. Recognised as spyware adaware in the installer for cdxp. Made me look a bit of a fool for him. Whats going on? mse flags you as spyware / adaware and wont install and panda flag it and wont allow your program to install. its now been added here http://malwarebulletin.com/2011/02/11/c ... f-updates/ I should have used OpenCandy in the first place. It works well, is really easy to set up and generates a remarkable amount of revenue. Not to mention the friendly and supporting people behind the scenes.” Florian Schmitz sorry flo but its marring an excellent program.
  4. Please can you have cdxp tell itself it is using a drive for burning to at the moment. I run multiple copies and its possible to still selct the same drive that cdxp is using for burning to right now. However the program will boot up and have that drive im using to burn to as default. You can start the burning module and it just sits there and sits there and sits there with the counter burn time counting up with nothing happening. A simple you carnt burn to this disc im using it would really really help.
  5. Dstream

    [R] error with cue file

    theres none here .. the index on the cue file is showing the time each track has taken on the cd. from 0 to the end of each track. If you take how long each has in length do a running total its the same. I see no ug?
  6. Ive uploaded the cue sheet causing the problem this happens on a few they contain F I L E " ( 0 2 ) [ C a s c a d a ] N i g h t N u r s e . m p 3 " M P 3 T R A C K 0 2 A U D I O T I T L E " N i g h t N u r s e " P E R F O R M E R C a s c a d a I N D E X 0 1 0 0 : 0 0 : 0 0 i presume its the index 01 00:00:00 length problem
  7. If you drag a folder over to the audo window which contains a cue list as well as the files you get the prompt "this already contains blah blah" etc if i tick do this for all following conflicts and then click do not add track. It should just put the files in that was in the cd folder and ignore the cue sheet. However it brings up an error box with export or close, here is the error [VA] Clubland_18-3CD.cue Length cannot be less than zero. Parameter name: length D:\Azureus Downloads\VA - Clubland 18 (3CD) (2010) - Copy\CD2\[VA] Clubland_18-3CD.cue it should ignore the cue. I just told it to and just parse the mp3s.
  8. sorry, mine was the previous version to 2212 so it was the next...
  9. just tried it. fails with insufficent space on the disc at the burn stage , have remove 2 second gap ticked. 80 min blank cdr, just checked ashampoo and nero both work. version 2212 current installed.
  10. Please find enclosed picture attached. Cdxp reports the disc size is too big, greater than 80 mins. It aborts soon as you select burn even though youve told it to remove the pause. Its showing the disc size with the 2 second gap already included in the estimated time. It fails when you try to burn. However ashampoo burning studio 10 burns same files, shows they occupy less space - time. solution show included time with 2 second pause removed. Have it selected before the burn screen. Time drops. difference betwwen ashampoos time and cdxp 28 seconds. Exactly the amount of tracks it has 14*2 seconds and it burns them.
  11. If you insert a disc and start a compilation audio. eject the disc but click on burn disc you will get the error an error occured while burning the disc most likley the disc was unusable etc etc. however a pop up box will now come up and tell you that the disc burned sucessfully at 48x and also the logs on the burn logs will also state 10:45:44 Error occured: Device is not ready: Device is not ready 10:47:21 Burning process successfully completed. surely that should state in either it failed not completed okay cdxp bottom menus shows and belives the disc is still inserted and contains 80 mins and can be burnt
  12. according to your instructions it should be there in data options how to handle an iso or m3u file. this option does not exist or show in the options menu
  13. okay fewer words if you copy a drag / drop a folder with a m3u file in it cdxp adds the files twice the contents of the folder and the contents of the m3u file. a double file listing. enclosed pictures for you to see. contents of m3 file used and contents of folder used please do one or other of give the option to
  14. hmm found solution. this only happened after an update was installed if you go from 32 bit to 64 bit version. click file / options / general settings and select default settings / ok close the window copy an mps to the bottom and then exit and reselect the dont save option box and rember this setting. it goes away. However after an update or as I did install a 32 bit version setup my options and then put a 64 bit ontop. This small bug came and would not go away. Now its fixed.
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