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  1. Thank you Flo. It's funny to see all the crap about malware treatening their PCs. There are 2 sorts of people saying this: some "advanced" paranoids, and those that don't understand what it is all about, but had heared something from those "advanced" (or media). What amuses most is that those who consider themselves "advanced" and use such words as VPN and firewall, still seem to fail to understand what do they confront to. They say "I don't want to execute code on my PC that does something I don't understand". Well, do they understand what your code internally does? They seem to divide the software to those they trust and those they don't. They seem to trust your software. That's good. But do they trust the software that you use to create the installer for your software? OK, it's open-source. Do they trust the software that you use co compile your program? The library that is the back-end of cdburner xp? Do they even know which one do you use? Do they even think about it? And they should, if they want to be consistent. They don't trust you when you tell them what the software does. Why? On the basis that (1) you are not its author, and (2) the software does something that some malwares do. For their information, any windows malware loads kernel.dll - please get rid of all the programs that do that! And the cd burning library that you use is also created by someone else, you use it relying on the information about what it does that was provided by its authors. They say "I don't want a software to scan my computer for installed software". Don't ever use no installers! They all do this scary kind of things! Never use antivirus software! It not only scans for software, it touches every file on your PC!!! (And it connects so some sites, to make things even worse!) Don't look at the "Add/remove software" wizard, otherwise you may incidentally scan your installed software yourself! It's not that bad if any software on your PC knows which programs are installed on your PC, unless it tells this information to someone else... They say "I don't want a software to send information about me to someone else". Well... I hope they understand what information is contained in an IP packet. In a TCP packet. In an HTTP request... you got the idea. Don't use Internet. You should understand what information you want to stay private, and why. You can only stay "unbreakably untraceable" if you sit in a closed bunker without any electronic devices with you (and without any means of communications, including Internet). You are told which kind of information is being sent. It's the info about what country you are in, and what software (from the advertiseable repertoire) is NOT installed on your PC (there may be algorithms implemented that only tell about ONE such software). Why would you consider this disclosure harmful? The software that is NOT on your PC does NOT introduce any security flaws that may be exploited. It does NOT enable anyone to intrude your machine. It can NOT compromise your security, nor can it be a sign of you breaking a law (e.g., software piracy). Would you object to be presented with a hardcoded advertising banner in the installer? If you would, then you don't respect the author's right to make his living. Would you object if the banner is not hardcoded, but is randomly supplied by a internet server (without sending any info to it)? If you would, then why? Extra Internet traffic? Wait, you have just downloaded the installer! Extra dosen of kilobytes??? The only difference that is present here is that you will _not_ be presented a banner that advertises a software you already installed. That's it. And you know the word "firewall", what are you afraid of? Use one that lets you control the outgoing traffic, and be happy! They say "I don't trust the statements that the authors of the software make". Why? Because you just like to suspect anyone in an unlawful behaviour? Don't think anyone is like you. Because you think it looks like another software you know of? Well, most people using cdburner xp have previously used another cd burning software. That software was (in a sense) like cdburner xp, but, you know, it _is_ somewhat different. That's why you make choices, right? Because different things are different! Because sometime in the past the software maker did something you don't like? Well, then, think microsoft or sony There are so many things they can use to check if the software keeps its promises, like sysinternals progmon, or wireshark. They can check it and after that, try to prove their concept. But they just keep trying to convince you that you don't understand what you use. There exist healty cautious people (like alexsupra) who objected against the use of ask, but after you have chosen the safe alternative, they agreed that it's OK. And there exist people that are not geeks, but who are still afraid of this kind of software. They cannot (and need not) be that much competent in hacking to be able to assure the safe computing. Well, you, "advanced paranoids", please, stop misguide everyone around you! People should be careful, but they need not be paranoid like you! Well, now to my concern. When using the installer with the OC, I see the last page (with the advertisement) that, I think, should be redesigned. 1. The advertisement (translated from Russian) says something like this: "The CD Burner XP recommends you the following software: ". I'm afraid that some people may have the feeling that the installer have detected the missing software that is needed to run CD Burner XP, and so may be misguided by this ad. Is it possible to make the nature of the ad be more prominent? 2. The button below the ad says "Install". Though the radiobuttons above it control the installation of the advertised software, one may think that the button applies to the advertised software (not the CD Burner itself). Despite it will add an extra page to the wizard, maybe it's better to add the page after the ad with something like the install summary and the "Install" button, and change the aforementioned button text to "Next", just to avoid the confusion? Keep on the great work!
  2. Hello. I like your program very much, but one problem that still isn't solved drives me crazy. I run Windows 7 on some of my PCs (both x86 and x64 versions), and if AHCI is enabled on them, it makes impossible using your software. E.g., I write this on the PC with Windows 7 Home Premium x64 and CD Burner XP v. It has ASUS P5K-VM mainboard (with Intel chipset, ICH9), and Optiarc DVD RW AD-7173S SATA drive. If I enable AHCI, your program says it doesn't see compatible drives. But at the same time, if I try to erase a disk, CD Burner XP does perfectly show me my drive(!). Firmware upgrade (both drive and mainboard) doesn't help. Intel SATA drivers aren't compatible with this MB, and ASUS doesn't provide its version either. Windows itself is able to recognize and use the recorder abilities of the drive, and so does Nero (so I suppose it's possible for any software). And if I turn off the AHCI feature, your program becomes able to use the drive (fortunately, this PC doesn't fall into BSOD if I turn AHCI off without reinstalling Windows). And I see many similar complaints all over the forum! Please do something to fix this, as it's obviously the fault of CD Burner XP, not of anything else.
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