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    Burning ISO to DVD sticks @ 0%

    Hi, just want to restart this thread. I have the same problem with CDBurnerXP 4.3 trying to burn a Data-DVD to a USB-Burner (Samsung SE-S084). It starts and writes Data but sometimes stops with (devNTSPTI_IO_Error) Could not write to disk. (LBA: 352128 Length: 32). SCSI Pass-Through Interface I/O Error. - 0xFF0079 It seems as if I only have this problem if I try to burn DVDs with more than 4 GByte Data. Greetings Jens
  2. HI, thanks for this great software. I want to help by sending a bugreport: When creating an ISO-image (DVD-image) and saving it on a FAT32-partition, CDBurnerXP does not check if the filesize exceeds the maximum filesize-limit of FAT32. It starts creating the file and fails with no hint on filesize-limit. It would help, if CDBurnerXP checks it the file is possible before. Greetings Jens

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