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  1. Two questions: 1. I presently use Windows XP. I am planning on updating to Windows 7 in the future. Will I still be able to utilize CDburnerXP software to burn CD's? 2. Does anyone recommend a free software to use in transferring vinyl records to PC? I have a USB turntable but the software I use which came with the turntable (Cakewalk) all at once does not work. Many have mentioned Audacity but I'm not fond of that one. Thanks Ron
  2. I have been using CDBurnerXP for a few months with no problems. I use the software only for creating music CD's which I have on my PC. This morning I tried to access "Audio Disc" from which I create the CD compilations from the launch site as in the past. After clicking on "OK" it takes almost a full minute before getting into that function. I tried the other options (Data Disc, Burn ISO Image, Copy or Grab Disc and Erase Disc) to see if the problem would occur with any of them and in each case they immediately accessed those particular functions upon clicking "OK" as they should. The only problem is with the Audio Disc option. It eventually accesses but only after a minute or so. It used to average approximately 5-10 seconds. I uninstalled the download and re-booted then downloaded the software again from the CDBurnXP website. Same problem. Before that, I performed a restore on my PC. Same problem. Nothing seems to work. Anyone have a suggestion? I deleted all the music files from Audio Disc and got the same results so I restored them from the Recycle Bin. Again, same problem. Help? Ron
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