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  1. Is it possible during the burn process (when burning mp3 files to a CD) to set the process up so that the tracks are played back in the order in which they are listed in the compilation? Or is this an inherent problem when burning mp3 CDs?? MORE INFO: I have the identical problem when using Media Center 13 to burn my mp3 cds. To make my compilation, I used Shift+LMB to select a contiguous group of files, then clicked the "+" button in the Burn tab. I am attaching my .dxp file to this post (test compilation.txt, forum wouldn't let me upload a DXP file and I couldn't find an .axp file). When I play the CD, the first track to play is Track 2, then some number of tracks, then finally somewhere around the tenth track to be played I hear Track 1. When I look at the file list in WinEx, the files are listed in the order they appear in the .DXP file. Not sure what other info to add.
  2. Hi, I just downloaded and installed CDBurnerXP and burned my 1st CD with it. I burned a data cd and copied some mp3 files, but I did NOT select "Finalise". The burn went fine but nothe CD is unreadable on external mp3 players. My attempts to finalise the CD fail, usually with a message indicating the CD may be bad. I think this might be a bogus message because I access the files in WinExplorer. How can I finalise the CD? Vista System Latest CDBurnerXP as of May 7, 2010
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