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  1. We have run into an issue where burning CD's from some .WAV files only burns 5 seconds of the track. This is not for all .WAV files and all the .WAV files tested have been created using the same method (dbPowerAmp) and the same settings. I have tried mixing up a play list with some files that have burned fine with some that are getting shortened, but this does not help. I have successfully burned these problematic .WAV files using Nero and iTunes, so I am not sure the issue in CDBurnerXP. I can provide further information if needed. Do you have any ideas as to a solution? Thanks, Charle
  2. Got it working. I had the syntax wrong. Here is what works in case anyone else needs this info: -folder[\myfiles]:\\devfiles\mydir\myfiles
  3. I'm trying to use the CLI to burn a disc. The files are located on a network share: ie \\devfiles\mydir\myfiles I am not sure if this works using the CLI. I keep getting an error: :\Program Files (x86)\CDBurnerXP>cdbxpcmd.exe --burn-data -device:0 -speed:16 - folder\\devfiles\mydir\myfiles] Starting to write disc...0 Files, Size: 0.00 KB An error occured while executing the command: Exception from HRESULT: 0x8004027C This works using the GUI. Do I have the syntax wrong? Thanks for any help. - Charles
  4. So a little more testing and this does work: cdbxpcmd.exe --burn-audio -device:0 -folder:C:\Users\ckline\Desktop\data\ -speed:16 Where the data directory is full of .flac files - I get no errors and a successful burn. So it appears that specifying a .flac file is what gives the error?
  5. Hi all, I'm new to this software and trying to burn cd's using the CLI. Here is what I am trying, though I get an error: C:\Program Files (x86)\CDBurnerXP>cdbxpcmd.exe --burn-audio -deice:0 -file[\]:C: \test.flac -dao -speed:16 -close An error occured while executing the command: Unsupported media file: File 'C:\test.flac' is not a supported audio file I have also tried this using an mp3 but get the same error. Do I need to install a FLAC.dll or something? Flac seems to burn fine through the application interface, but we need to do this via CLI. I am using the latest version
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