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  1. How can I delete my account? I asked for it already in May 2018 bot got no response.
  2. Stoneford

    Error playing Audio CD's

    Hello, I have a problem with Audio CD's made with CD Burner XP (Version After playing the last track, my CD-Player (hifi-system as well as portable CD-Player) does not stop for several minutes. Afterwards it shows an error. I use a "TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S223F" for burning cd's and dvd's. The error occurs while playing the cd in this drive, too. The System running on my PC is WinXP Home SP3. I chose the "disc at once" option. Does anybody know wether this could be a hardware problem (CD-writer) or a software problem (CD Burner XP)? Thanks for helping, Stoneford

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