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  1. No longer an issue with CDBurner. I've found an alternate, free app that works just fine.
  2. The problem is not limited to Blue Ray. Today I burned several DVD/CD disks and all show the wrong data size in Explorer. I uninstalled CDBurner, and removed all customization. I re-installed the app and have the same problem. I also updated the firmware in my LG m-Disc unit and it didn't improve the situation. I did however burn several disks with the Windows 7 built-in burning capability and all disks post burn show the correct data. I'm beginning to suspect an issue with system Dlls or other dependency components. I've used CDBurner for a long time, but can't keep burning all these coasters. Besides Blue Ray disks are very expensive.
  3. I'm using version I use a 2X speed brand of Blue Ray disks. Have burned many of these with CD Burner and never a problem until recently. I've burned 5 disks with 23+ Gigabytes of data. The burns usually take 37 to 41 minutes to complete. The issue is after the burn if you re-insert the just burned disk and examine the contents with Windows Explorer the 4.0+ Gig modules that are on the disk only show a disk size of 335 Kb. I've duplicated this on two different sessions. Not sure why the finished disks do not properly show the content just burned. Appreciate any suggestions.
  4. I've recently upgraded to a LG burner that supports M-Disc. I've bought a 10 disk pack of media that costs around $2.90 per disk. My question is does CD Burner support burning M-Disc ? I noticed on the media package that the maximum burn rate is 4X, but the LG burner is capable of Blue Ray burns at 14X. Due to the expense, I'm a little reluctant to experiment with burning these new M-Discs. I have a project saved that I've burned to a regular DVD-R disk that I'll use with the 1st M-Disc.
  5. I believe I've stumbled across the reason for why I was getting the "Device Not Ready" error box. I just started to burn a new Audio disk. In the main setup window I noticed the "Number of Copies" option box was set to 2. I think the message is actually a part of that multi-copy setup. CD Burner was looking for a new blank disk and that's what triggered the "Device Not Ready."
  6. Screen capture available at: http://i55.tinypic.com/popk1.jpg
  7. I burned a simple one song, CD-R disk. I did a screen capture of both the normal CD Burner Status box and the error msg box that appeared. Just let know how to get the 140 kB Jpeg file to CD Burner.
  8. Over time I've probably burned over a 100 Audio disks with CD Burner XP. Recently I've started having an unusual issue with audio disk burns. I have a LG Blue-Ray burner and use good Sony CD-R 80-min Audio disks. Currently whenever I load up an audio disk everything goes fine until the eject occurs. CD Burner informs me that the disk creation failed. Then just a few seconds later the normal burned successfully message appears. This has happened on the last three audio disks I've made. All of them play fine, just the message about disk failure. I'm using the latest version CD Burner. Anyone experienced a similar issue ?
  9. External LiteOn SHW-160P6S successfully burned a .tib module. Other than a total burn/verify burn time of 30+ minutes the 4.6 Gig disk was created with CD Burner OK.
  10. Just attempted to burn a .tib module using ImgBurn. Also failed with a similar error message. Assume the Liteon drive may be defective. Will try a burn to an external DVD recorder to verify. If defective, might be time to uprade to a Blu-Ray burner ?
  11. Starting about 2 weeks ago I've been unable to successfully burn a DVD. I'm using the latest version of CD-Burner. The media is Sony DVD +R disks which I've used exclusively for a long time. The problem occurs at the closing of the disk. In most all cases the source data is a Acronis True Image module at 4.3 Gigabytes in size. I would estimate I've attempted to burn 11 disks and each one has failed. However, I can use CD Burner for CD creation. For these type of disks I use TDK media and do not have any issues with creating disks. I've used a 3-M laser lens cleaner disk to make sure it's not a laser issue. Would appreciate knowing if anyone else is having issues with the current & previous version of CD-Burner. Optical drive is a Liteon iHAS424 hosted by an Intel H55 Sata controler operating in IDE Mode.
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