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  1. Has this been implemented in CDBXP 4.5 ?? If not, I will still be using the "old" version....
  2. Lol ok. I use many other phpBB forums, they improved security. BTW: was this feature request implemented in newer versions of CDBXP?
  3. Wow, lot's of SPAM messages..... You need to increase security of the forum!
  4. In older version of CDBurnerXP it was possible to verify created Video DVDs. Ever since the Video DVD options moved to the main screen, the verify option is missing. Please put it back! For now I have installed an older version again.
  5. kopieer kopieƫren -> kopiƫren dropdown menu: schijf informatie -> schijfinformatie instellen schijf naam -> naam van de schijf instellen nieuwe directorie -> nieuwe map options: automatically cache files from network locations (not translated) -> bestanden van netwerk locaties automatisch cachen erase disc window: for belangrijke gegevens -> voor belangrijke gegevens
  6. Also, in this window, there is an error, it schould be "voltooiing" with 3 o's, not 4. [attachment=0]cdbxp.jpg[/attachment]
  7. Ok, i'm sorry, this is stated in the FAQ ! Can you at least tell me why this is the case? Why is there no support for driveletters A, B, C ??
  8. Today I found out the CDBXP does not recognize DVD writers in a correct manner when you use it with driveletter A: or B: Windows will see any disc in the drive, CDBXP does also see and read the disc, BUT, it will not allow you to erase (=wissen) the disc! It says "No supporting stations" I changed the letter to H: and after that, it could erase the disc again. I wanna use A: or B: since there is less demand for those letters to be used for floppy drives. [attachment=0]cdxp2.jpg[/attachment]
  9. Hi all Thanks for this great program, I ditched Nero for this software!! 1 minor detail: An error in the Dutch translation, there is a "$" before the text "Verwijderen" (=Remove) [attachment=0]cdxp1.jpg[/attachment]
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