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  1. After the update, what was really happening & it was difficult to see. When I went (using the top right controls) to float the window it was reduced to a near desktop icon sized window & was not easy to see on the desktop, partially due to the desktop art I was using. Once finding it I simply dragged it to a view proportion that I was comfortable with. I had never experienced a resize of such extreme & what seemed to be the controls doing the same action was incorrect. I have resolved this. The window now opens to a proper view when launching CDB XP.
  2. With this current update to the top right ( XP SP3) minimize & full size selectors simply minimize or maximize & don't allow for a flexible size display of CDB XP on the desk top. Using these controls either allows for full screen view on reduced completely to the task bar, there is no way to float CDB XP on my desktop, it is either open or closed. Have tried a few things to correct the condition but nothing. The previous version floated easily.
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