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  1. I don't know. I'm just thinking it's the only thing on my system that correlates to your staement: Maybe a conflict between the software?
  2. Does CDBurnerXP support multitasking? e.g. Copying a disc on one BluRay drive while burning an audio CD on anther? Thanks for the rgeat software
  3. I have Alcohol 120% installed nd a single virtual drive from it active. Could that be what is causing the issue?
  4. Sorry for the long wait on this. I starred the notification email and completely forgot about it. Screenshot attached. Hope it helps
  5. Updated and still have the same error. Produced log file. Here are steps taken. 1,) Uninstalled 4.3.2. 2,) Installed 4.3.5. 3,) Enabled logging. 4,) Restarted CDBurnerXP. 5,) Attempted to burn audio CD. 6,) Burn failed. 7,) Sent error report via internal mechanism. 8,) Exited without saving project. Log file attached. Side note: Does anyone else have issues with the automatically download and install updates option? I've had it enabled since I started using CDBXP and it never seems to do anything. I always have to manually check, uninstall and reinstall. EDIT: I noticed y
  6. I am still getting this same error. At first I thought it was a drive issue but I am still able to burn DVDs and Data CDs. I'm trying to burn an MP3 album to an audio cd on a CD-RW. I have been able to do the burn using Infrarecorder. Infrarecorder also reports an error but the disc does work. I don't believe this is due to the "add extra silence" feature/bug noted by cpashen. Any help is appreciated
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