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  1. Include the ability to span discs according to title. To give you an example, say that you convert a TV series form DVD to a video file format. With the DVD spanning software that they have out now, it will divide the files by space, for instance it'll put episode 13 with 1,2 7. And they should be put on disc based on title, like Episode 1 Episode 2 and so on.
  2. I posted for the same feature Until comes into play DVD's are all we got Cause I have a little over a TB of data I want to backup to disc and, when I say "backup" I mean copying the files to disc with ability to listen or view them form disc. Here are some programs to titled you over until that update is made. http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2037102,00.asp http://www.kcsoftwares.com/index.php?ignition - works with "Copy to DVD" http://www.swiftdisc.com/ They not exactly like this all three make parent directories to the root and pack'em In takes all the parent directories of the target file/folder but let hope more people get behind this feature of disc spanning.
  3. I've got ver And I did the disc spanning feature and all it did was broke the file grouping of the directory structure and didn't keep the file in their respected folders. Do your newer versions when spanning keep the folders in the directories they were originally in.
  4. I think I see what your talking about, arrange the file/folder types by file size or name. Thats just with one disc, but with a series of discs group them collectively as a whole. But still be able to span a collection of files/folders and put them in a group discs spanned.
  5. Does the current ver allow you to burn a series of disc and allow you to arrange them by name for file/folder size. Does another program do that
  6. I was suggesting other options to for burning file to a series of disc (Disc Spanning). Cause when I asked about the organization of the files when CDBurnerXp burnes them to a series of disc, you said it did them by file size. The program (Pack'em In) in the link I showed you arranges the files so that they take up the maximum size of the media. CDBurnerXP is a great program with the Disc spanning feature. I'm coming up with more ideas to make disc spanning feature great. As I've suggested before in previous post the ability to move file/folder in a disc series to fit user preference before burning them do disc. Make it possible to arranges the files/folders by name, type, date(last date modified, created, accessed) and size (with a capability similar to Pack'em In, where files are grouped to take up the Disc maximum size). You can chose your own classification in Windows by grouping files by details, after doing that right click one of the default categories (Name, Size, Type and Date Modified). A window will come up "Choose Details" allowing you to pick one, besides the default, other like Title, Owner and Commends. So you can pick your own details for ordering files\folders to burn to disc. Pack'em In shows me how the files/folders are arranges, to take up maximum disc space, then I use Nero to burn each group files/folders separately. The reason I do this is because the program put them in a folder just below the root. I don't like this feature so thats why I use Nero to burn the files/folder separately. The reason why I have these ideas is my hard drives is full of movies and software and I'm trying to free it up for more disc space. Thanks for considering my ideas, Flo
  7. Hey Flo, Andre here wondering if you've started with any of those ideas on given more features to disc spanning (that I suggested). Also here are some more ideas to for more options to disc spanning. viewtopic.php?f=5&t=9151
  8. When I ask you how the file are organized the disc, when disc spanning is enabled. I thought you could add more options for file organization when spanning a group of discs. This program is organizes the file in away to take up most of the disc space with the files present. Pack'emIn I was thing you could add options when using disc spanning make it possible to span the files to take up max disc space like the program above also by name in alphabetical order forward and reverse, file type. Date modified and Date Created. Just some ideas ...
  9. Hey Flo, just wondering hows that Disc spanning editing feature. Don't wanna come off sounding to desperate but I really really need this, cause my movie collection is by far ridiculously large. This would just make backing them up to disc so much easier. Oh yea here an idea for showing space available on the disc Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  10. This is just to give you and Idea to further explain the grouping feature that I posted about before. Also when I said "File/Folder" I was really was talking about moving folders while in the program CDBurnXP interface. Cause if you wanted to move files just move them in IE. In the 1st pic it show the default way of groping files by size that is of course T2 (127 min) is shorter than Rocky 1(119 min) but for this ... lets say it is. A feature to allow you to move folders through the series of spanned disc would be great. (2nd pic) If you run across this post, post your opinion.
  11. Have it when you click "disc spanning" have the program present you with a windows of a layout of how it will burn the files/folders to the series of discs, and enable it where the user can edit (drag-n-drop) where and which disc the files/folder will be burned on. And yes in some situations the user will have to put less data on the disc to get the wanted layout of the disc. On a post I describe what I do to get the process of how I burn my movies to disc viewtopic.php?f=5&t=5014 It is this one Re: [C] Span large files across CD-Rs or DVD-Rs on the fly by AndreL ยป Thu Jul 22, 2010 11:46 am Also how else would know what on the disc of course, beside putting the disc back in and making note of whats on the disc. But of course what if you have span up to 10 15 disc yeah you'll have to keep track of the disc but having the program tell what will be burned on what disc is much easier. It very useful, when you burn a dics, how do you burn it. Do you just grab a bunch of files and you don't care whats on the disc and just burn it ... no ... well lets say that I don't. I put each and every file/folder on the disc cause it similar in some way to the other files/folders on the disc. And if the file/folder doesn't fit put it on the next disc, if the user want to get the order they want. Lets say your got a bunch of movies that are in a series. Rocky 1 2 3 4 5 and Terminator 1 2 3 4. When you need space on your HD and so you want to burn those movies to disc. Your not going to put Rocky 2 with Terminator 2 and 4 cause they fit together on a disc so well. No, your going to put Rocky 1 movie with the rest of the series. Imagen not having just those two series of move but a couple of HD in the TB range full of movies. Some movies not just in a series, but some that relate to each other in someway.
  12. No I like the way you have the feature where if you drag-n-drop multipule files/folders to the program and if its over 4.7 or the size of the media your using you can enable disc spanning where it take the collection you droped in a spreads it across many disc. Here is further explanation Explain in what way of organizing the files/folders. Two words "User preference" I thought of a way to compare it to a regular burning program but the only problem with that is it only burns one disc at a time. Your able to put what you want on that "one" disc being burned but with cdburnerxp it allow you to put them on a span disc if its over the media size, what I'm suggesting is allow the user do drag-n-drop within the program its self, having the user put the files/folder on what disc they want in the spanning of disc about to be burned. If you need more explanation just post.
  13. Organization ... I have a tone of movies about 3 2GB Drives 2 1TB Drives 3 500GB Drive full of movies and I love your Disc spanning feature cause I can select a group of files/folders and have all of them burned with out going through the process that I describe before on a past post. With a feature of being able to organize files/folder being spanned on disc that would cut so much of that cut time need to organize and crating of discs down. I was about to custom make my own program then I saw the price to do that and looked around and saw yours besides many users get movie files (avi,mpg,mov and mkv... etc) music (mp3,wav, and wma) and other types of media off the Internet. Hard drives get full fast and its complicated to search for and find files/folders so that the similar ones can be grouped to be burned on the same disc. Also I have another program that helps me keep track of the hundreds of DVD I have full of movies. (Encase you were wondering how I keep all the discs organized) So please give my idea some consideration cause with the disc spanning ... your half way their (for being the perfect program ...In my book) Oh yea add a Disc spanning quick button
  14. Make it possible to organize/edit the file/folders that will be burnt to disc in the spanned series before the discs are made. I think this will make the program the the great.
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