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  1. This issue is still not fully resolved in CDBurnerXP strangely though it does seem to work ok for CD-RW now, the only problem I'm having is with DVD-RW that are not being erased completely even if I select a secure erase (I think that about a CD-sized - 700MB amount of data is cleared each time, regardless of how much data is present on the DVD). Any updates on this?
  2. There probably aren't a lot of people that still get to burn a DVD at 1x, but I happened to rewrite an old DVD-R and noticed that the 1x speed gets labeled as 20x (in CDBurnerXP at least).
  3. Well, once I chose to ignore the first SAO session (I didn't really care for the old data the disc had on it, and wanted to use the remaining space for a new burn), the DAO mode wasn't grayed out - I actually selected it and got a write error... of course, everything worked once I selected SAO (because the disc was already SAO, even if the first session was ignored).
  4. I noticed a strange GUI bug in CDBurnerXP and I managed to reproduce it, so I thought it was worth mentioning. After burning an ISO image to a CD (that went ok, no problems there), I returned to the "Burn ISO Options" tab, selected a different ISO image (got another blank CD in, selected the 4x speed again), started the burn and was then taken to the "Burn ISO Progress" tab... that didn't have any progress bar this time (yes, it was there on the first run). No errors on the burning part, just this strange interface quirk you can see in the screenshot. ~~~ off-topic GUI improve
  5. The "full" erase process lasts about 2 minutes regardless of how much data is present on the DVD-RW or CD-RW. When I first noticed the problem I was full-erasing a DVD-RW with about 3.4 GB of data written in DAO mode. I've created a logfile using my ASUS DRW-1608P2 unit (which exibits the same behaviour on a full erase), and a DVD-RW with about 4.4 GB of data on it (22.3 MB left free). The total erase time was, again, around 2 minutes. I've attached the log file in this post. Thank you for all the help !
  6. I am using CDBurnerXP, with a ASUS DRW-2014L1 (I don't think this is a drive-specific problem, but I mentioned my configuration anyhow). A secure erase on a DVD-RW 4x-max-write-speed lasts about 2 minutes, and I am 99.9% sure not all written data on the DVD is cleared - so the functionality of this option is not that of a full erase. I get the same kind of behaviour with CD-RW erases too. This could be a StarBurn issue, but I'm hoping it's not and you can solve it. Thank you!
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