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  1. Hello, sometimes my cdburnerxp starts up with the main window totally minimized. I wonder, because I never minimized that window to that size. So it seems to be a small but annoying bug of the program. See attachment. Greets Andreas
  2. No, cdburnerxp was installed for the first time.
  3. A friend of me installed cdburnerxp the first time. Installer language was in German. But as she started cdburnerxp, everything was in english. Why? She switched to english in the options. But I wonder, that the installer was in German, but the program itself in English. It would improve the first impression of the program, if the program would detect the language of the system. Good idea or not?
  4. Because .net framework wastes a lot of space on disk and made some trouble with windows (error messages, updates and so on), I uninstalled old versions 1 and 2 of it. CDburnerxp works still fine. But the updater complains about the missing framework. is it possible that you change .net framework of the updater to the new version? Or at least support it? thanks!
  5. With nero, it is possible to burn CUE images. That means, there is a cue files which contains the times of the start and end of the tracks, which are in a big mp3 file. Will this be possible in cdburner xp , too?
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