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  1. To jozko: http://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=co ... d=SOLN2372 Here is a link from ESET Security. Just look for Win32/Olmarik on the page and download the removal tool. If you find that it works, consider buying their antivirus, it is one of the best in the business. To savage: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/SearchR ... %AE+RST%29 It isn't called Intel Matrix Storage anymore, it's now Intel Rapid Storage Technology. You can still download the old Matrix software, but I don't think it was ever released in a Win7 format.
  2. Is the computer just shutting off? or is it going through the shutdown cycle? If it is just shutting down, it could either be the power supply is failing or is overloaded as Flo stated. It could also be a heat issue that is shutting down the computer to prevent damage.
  3. I'm really surprised Avast was conflicting. Unless, that was caused by not disabling the program while CDBurnerXP was being installed. That could be the case because CDBurnerXP does require access to Windows itself to operate (like all burning programs) and Avast was slowing them down because they appear to be operating like a virus does. Avira performs all the features of Windows Defender so it isn't a big deal if it turns Defender off. You still have the same protection. Hopefully this is an end to the nightmare.
  4. I'm running out of ideas short of a hardware failure of either a large bad sector on the hard drive or RAM that is bad. This is overcomplicated by the fact I can't see or work directly with the computer. There shouldn't be any software conflicts at this point. Check your /program files (x86)/ for any leftover files from Comodo or any of the other programs you removed.
  5. %ALLUSERSPROFILE% is at this point considered to be out of date. This directory variable can be inadvertently changed by Windows Update causing the file to break. I think it's still in use by XP/Vista but even then they still recommend using the direct appdata locations. By directly using "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Canneverbe Limited\CDBurnerXP" you don't run the risk of the directory changes.
  6. There is an option to turn off check for updates right in the "File -> options" menu. No need to over-complicate a simple task anymore.
  7. Amen to that. And do look into possible conflicts with USB like those U3 flash drives or card reading printer/fax/scan/copy/everything but the kitchen sink machines. My final advice for performance. Since you use virtualization, check your bios to see if you have the option to allow the extensions in your processor to assist virtualization. It should be a simple yes/no option in the bios. My AMD is listed as: Allow AMD Virtualization - Yes/No . And to neighborole: if you add: at gmail dot com to my name here, you can reach me directly.
  8. What Flo (whom if you look at His/Her? title is one of the developers) is saying without actually saying it: "CDBurnerXP can read the .wpl files. And by dragging that file into the burn panel, it will then ask what you want to do." Any text editor, like notepad, can open and read a .wpl file. They are nothing but a text file with a fancy container name. That is an awesome feature that I did not know existed!
  9. I want to kick the "technician" that built your computer right in the teeth. This computer is cluster-f***ed beyond comprehension. They obviously know jack about the well running features that are built right into Windows 7. They are still using Windows XP concepts that are out of date for anything but XP based equipment. And I wonder why I can't find a job in the field I used to be in. Oh that's right, I have the practical experience, but no pieces of paper that say I "might" know what I'm doing. At the least, Kill Programs: swg - the google toolbar quicktime task - Quicktime player clipX sunjavaupdater eraser comodo Why do you have VirtuaWin installed? Did you do it, or did they install it to cover up the fact that some of the programs they installed don't work properly in Windows 7? VirtuaWin is very processor intensive since it is nothing more than an emulator of Windows 32 behaviors, which just happens to be built into Windows 7 as the WoW64 engine. From what I've researched, minimind is nothing more than a task scheduler, again built right into Windows 7 already and functions very well. Also I looked up COMODO, it is both a firewall and antivirus in one. So in fact, you were running 2 antivirus programs. I sound like a Microsoft fanboy, how irritating!
  10. First error I see is that you have 2 antivirus programs running. That is a big no no. You are showing Comodo Internet security and Avast. Uninstall one of them or completely disable one. This could be the problem as to why your are seeing massive delays in the program launching. Secondly, ad-aware is total crap anymore. You actually would actually do better running the built in Windows Defender for adware prevention. It has scored very high on pretty much all benchmark tests I've seen. I like that it is non-intrusive on the system and does its work quietly if you want it to. Hit the windows key In the search panel type : msconfig Go to the start up tab and kill anything that is not absolutely necessary on start up (google toolbar for example) Then go to the services tab, select hide microsoft services and disable anything that isn't necessary. You should reboot your computer from that point. If you find you made a mistake, you can correct it quickly by redoing those steps and just putting the check box back on.
  11. I personally don't like it. I said, "I think it's crap". It's a generalization from my past experiences with that program. I haven't tried it in years since I discovered this program. As you can see from my processes tab, I love open source software and various free programs (Inkscape, TrueCrypt, GIMP, Firefox, Zscreen, this one), and use them for business, but that one isn't my cup of tea. InfraRecorder doesn't show status bars correctly, I get sub-standard speeds on verification, and it doesn't support 2 of my burners. But everyone's equipment is different, so it may work for others. Narrowing down problems, especially with Vista/7 , is really in its infancy, no one bought into Vista unless they needed to, and those spurned by Vista don't realize how much of an improvement 7 is. I really hope Nordland sticks this out, because this could really help the developers and other users avoid a similar situation.
  12. That is what a proper processes tab should look like. This is of my compy. Nothing unneeded or not in use (like Adobe crap clogging up the background processes). Do you have a branded box or is it home built? No the program doesn't spin up the burner if Windows says there is no disk in the drive. Hence no lights on program startup. It still receives the IRQ assignments from the OS. I wish hard drives were built like they were 10 years ago. Unfortunately, the only thing people look at anymore is cost per GB rather than MTF data and warranty. If you want to test another burning program, try infra recorder. I think it is crap and I've never found it to work very well, but some people like it.
  13. Ok, as far as the screen cap is concerned, yes, from the task manager, under the "Processes" tab. I would like to see what programs are running to see if there is an obvious conflict or something that is out of whack. While the system integrity check is okay for quick usage, I would consider running something more directed and definitive such as SeaTools from Seagate ( http://www.seagate.com/www/en-us/suppor ... s/seatools ). Thankfully it works on all hard drives regardless of manufacturer. The only thing I can say about Samsung HDs is that I will never use them again after 4 failures in less than 3 years. I had no survivors. The only other thing I can think of causing this slow reaction would be an IRQ conflict with the 2 DVD burners. Thankfully, Microsoft has made it virtually impossible to manually change IRQ assignments anymore, so power users can only scream about how easy it used to be! A simple disconnect of one drive and then the other with reboots between them, may also solve the mystery.
  14. I use nlite to make my slip streamed XP boot disks. And I use vlite for slip streamed Vista boot disks. When those programs create the iso, it already has the boot sectors in place and CDBurnerXP burns perfect copies. Those 2 tools are also great for stripping down the unnecessary crap from Windows, and for unattended deployments. Note: You can always strip the boot sector out of a retail disk and apply it to CDBXP with those settings you list.
  15. Do you have any disks in your drive(s)? I noticed that when I fire it up, on occasion, with a disk in the drive, it is slow on first start. Have you run any diagnostics on your hard drive? A hard drive like the WD Greens are painfully slow to wake up and access data. And if the program defaults to an area of the disk that is damaged, it could be using tons of cycles just to get it to figure out what it is doing. There is no need to run it in compatibility or in admin mode with Windows 7. It works native without problems for 32 or 64-bit. I'm using it in Win7 Bus 64-bit with no troubles other than having to use a text editor to remove the thumbs.db files from my .dxp files before I burn anything with picture files in them. Thankfully they're just modified XML files and are easy to work with. Is it possible to get us a list or screenshot of the of the processes running on your system when you first start the computer?
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