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  1. Hi, i want to create a multisession disc (DVD-R) and add data with every call but whatever combinations of commands i use i always get an error message if i want it add additional files. I testet tao and sao mode but it made no difference. The version i use is v. (x64). Here is a sample call: cdbxpcmd.exe --burn-data -device:0 -tao -import -file:D:\somefile.ext -speed:4 -format:iso -verify I get an error message like below: An error (287) occured while executing the command: Disc is finalized: The disc is finalized! Note that is not possible to write
  2. Hi, we use the following default.cfg for deploying cdburnerxp but as with 4.3.7 it is broken. I get this Messagebox: "Waehlen Sie eine Installationsoption aus". In english: "Please choose an install option". I started the installation using /saveinf but the created .cfg file is identical to the one i used. Content of the default.cfg: [setup] Lang=German Dir=C:\Programme\CDBurnerXP Group=CD-Anwendungen\CDBurnerXP SetupType=custom Components=main,nmsaccess,lang,lang\germany Tasks=fileassoc It seems that the new opencandy option isn't configured right in inno
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