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  1. Hi Flo, thank you for xour quick answer on my e-mail! OK, that's a potent argument! OK, maybe you are right, because people will not pay anything for something, because they have no respect for the authors work and his running charges. They like it more to get software like OPENCANDY... they don't ask... My question (not to the forum - in general) is, how far this politic goes - you know, that here in germany we speak of the governments plan to use a "regierungstrojaner" (for the non german speaking readers: a trojan made by the government to spy out peoples pc). OK, I will n
  2. Hi, Do I get it right: while I am installing CDBurnerXP, OPEN CANDY will search my hardrive for software (and nothing else?) and then connect to its own servers to send the found informations about my system and then connecting again to my pc to give me any suggestions? What will happen if I am not online during installation? And, when I refuse to install any suggested software, will there be no hint to OPEN CANDY left on my pc, maybe in form of registry entrys or of logfiles or in a CDBurnerXP logfile? You will offer an installer without OPEN CANDY a few days later after an "OPEN
  3. Hello to the forum, Flo, I understand that you want to earn some money because you spent a lot of time to develop the programm. For that reason my attention is to spent money for your project, and I did that for a few other freeware programms I am using and will do it for others bit by bit, also your CDBurnerXP (another possibilty is to use your amazon-wishlist - I did so for MP3Tag). But now I see that you are using OPEN CANDY - and I am upset about this! I don't want any software on my PC I don't need. You say not to call it either ad- or spyware - but it still is. The only difference
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