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  1. card reader or any other external drive installed? That was my problem. It was a "Muzee", music flash type drive that5t caused my problem. You might want to start a new thread, it looks like the moderators may have closed this on their end.
  2. Its a small (4"x3/4"x1/4) plastic device that plugs into a USB port on the puter. Used for storage, I suggest u unplug it b4 u use the burner program John
  3. FLO, you are an ANGEL indeed. I had a flash drive on, soon as I disconnected it, The program came up KOC !!!!!!! TY John
  4. I had been using this program for a couple of years and suddenly, it refuses to run. I click the icon and nothing happens. Im using XP home and when I check the task manager, application is not running. However it is showing as running in the process. Only changes I can remember making since last usage are the purchase of a new burner and the installation AND quick removal of NERO ANY HELP THANKS John
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