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    NMSAccess gone?

    I've just updated to the newest version and noticed that the NSAccess service is not installed anymore. So a normal user gets a prompt for an administrator password. Is this planned? I can't find anything regarding this in the changelog. There is also no checkbox in the installer for "provide CD/DVD access to any user" Please Help!
  2. In Windows 7 (and Vista?) you can increase the dpi value, so text and buttons get bigger. My mum for example did this, as otherwise she has problems with reading text. CDBurnerXP does not scale correctly with this change. All sizes seem to be absolute. Buttons look to small and the list gets scrollable. I've made a Screenshot with 100% dpi and 125% dpi.
  3. I tried the following: 1. Insert Source Audio CD 2. Start Copying media with all default, and source and destination ODD are the same. 3. After reading finished, but in empty media. 4. After burning finished, remove new burned cd and but in another CD and press "copy media" again. -> Then after 1 Second a message pops up, saying "Burning finished in 00:00:00" So after copying one media i have to close CDBurnerXP completely to copy another one.
  4. When making copies of a media, there is no possibility to choose how many copies to make.
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