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  1. Hi, Got a sudden and very frustrating problem. After burning 'Audio Discs' with CDBurnerXP for many years (from MP3s) without any problems - always using using Verbatim CD-Rs - I'm now getting the follow error message every time: "CStarBurn_SCSITransportSPTI: ExecuteCDBO: Command failed - Internal SDK Error", also complaining about "low-quality media", etc. What happened is this. I got myself a brand new high-end(ish) PC with the specs listed below, so plugged-in my trusty external DVD burner Asus Slim SDRW-080 D2S-U Lite - only to get the above message (yes, using Verbatim CD-R
  2. Hi there, I recently reinstalled Windows XP home - and now I cannot use CDBurnerXP, as it just freezes when I click on it (forcing me to re-boot the PC). As it so happens, exactly the same happens to both VLC Player and Xiliosft Ultimate Video Converter (programmes I've always used successfully in the past). Any ideas why? Prior to the above installations, I installed the K-Lite Codec Pack - maybe that's the problem? Any help would be most appreciated, Regards, DANNY TECH SPECS: XP Home+Vista Ultimate (32-bit) \ Intel E6750 @ 3.47 \ Abit IP-35 Pro \ Antec 900 Ultimate Gamer \ A
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