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  1. See previous "I'm done trying though... 5 dead discs is enough for me."
  2. I gotta ask, how did it help? I didn't post a resolution... just that I was having these issues. I'm done trying though... 5 dead discs is enough for me. I'll use it for burning files but, not using the dvd-to-dvd copy feature anymore.
  3. Well, had to copy a disc again and pretty much the same deal... - I have a DVD-R in my F:\ drive, with 12 *.avi files totalling 4.10GB - I have a blank DVD-R in my E:\ drive - Open CDBurnerXP tell it that the source is F:\ and the target is E:\ - I start the copy/burn and withing 5 seconds it says copy complete, then burns for 2 minutes 8:07:41 PM Source device changed to: E: HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH22NS50 8:07:42 PM Target device changed to: E: HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH22NS50 8:07:42 PM Source device changed to: F: HL-DT-ST DVD-ROM GDR8162B 8:08:10 PM Disc copy started. 8:08:11 PM Started burning the extracted image to disc 8:08:22 PM Writing process started at 8x (11,080 KB/s) 8:10:33 PM Copying disc was completed successfully. Odd thing is, it switches the source/target around then back again. In any case, the disc is finalized, can't write to it again. There is a band about 0.75 inches wide that's been burnt. If I take it out of the burner and into the F:\ drive, when I try to open the disc I get a 'please insert disc' message. Not sure what's happening but... not trying it again given this is disc #5 that's dead in the past week.
  4. Well, way I see it... if you click 'shutdown when complete' and you're expecting the system to shut down... you should have everything saved/closed anyways.
  5. No... I gave up with CDBurnerXP doing disc copies, switched to IMGBurn and made ISO files with that and then burned them. CDBurnerXP doing a copy from DVD-ROM -> DVD-Burner was failing.
  6. I did... "I look at the surface and can tell it burned, but the width of the band is smaller than on the original discs. I try to open it and simply says insert a disc into the drive. Tried with 2 different source discs." Treats the disc as though it's not there. Took the disk out and tried in the 2nd drive as well (not a burner just DVD-rom) and same deal. Strangest part was that the amount burnt (size of the burn area) was different from the originals, yet the same as one another (both that didn't work). Ended up using ImgBurn to pull the info off as an ISO file first then burned to the DVD after.
  7. Hit burn, go to bed... want the computer to shut down. Cleans up the system (ram and such) If hibernate is the preferred choice, have it say 'hibernate when complete' instead of shut down. Regardless of preference, option says shut down so expected it to shut down and couldn't figure out why it wasn't. That's all.
  8. I have 2 LG drives, a DVD-Rom and a DVD Burner. I put the software disc I want transferred to a new disc into the one drive, and a blank Maxell 16x DVD-R into the other. I have it set to copy/burn the disc at 8x... it goes through, says done no problem. 2 out of 3 discs don't work. I look at the surface and can tell it burned, but the width of the band is smaller than on the original discs. I try to open it and simply says insert a disc into the drive. Tried with 2 different source discs. Right now, doing the long way of copying the disc as an ISO file to my desktop and will burn with that. Burner is an LG GH22NS50, running WinXP Pro 32bit SP3, Intel 3.4Ghz dual core w/2GB ram
  9. Well, I finished transfers, which was about 210 DVD worth. I did 'test' the theory out and sure enough, 4.2GB took 31min, restarted CDBurnerXP and burned another disc 4.3GB and took 11min. AVG installed for virus software but, only runs once a week so shouldn't have been a factor. File wise, again all movies/video I had so same approximate file sizes/structure etc... any differences between one disc to the next I don't think would have added 20min. Ah well... just wanted to give a heads up. Fluke I needed to burn that many discs so probably won't have the issue again since will only burn 1 or 2 at a time now.
  10. Bit misleading... since it says shut down, I assumed it shut the system down. I was looking all over for some sort of option somewhere that I missed that prevented a full shut down.
  11. I had a few batches of bad discs 3yrs ago that started to fail so... spent last weekend and this copying to my hard drive and burning to new DVD-Rs. I'm noticing that even though using 8x on Maxell DVD-R's, my burn times range from 10min to 30min. Before anyone says it, it's not a file size issue... I am burning between 4.1GB and 4.3GB per disc so, should all take roughly the same time. That being said, it gradually takes longer... after about 20 discs the burn time at 8x is 30min. I restart, burn the next disc and 10min burn time at 8x. They're all movie backups, so file types/sizes are approximately the same. Not sure if either A) Some files are harder to read/burn than others because of the bad discs they came off of CDBurnerXP gets slower with each burn because of a bug, and something gets cleared when you restart the program.
  12. Well, it didn't launch Nero exactly, but, if Nero was detected on the system DVDShrink would just burn to disc automatically. Saved a step basically from launching 2 programs. DVDShrink is done? That sucks... I still use it though, great and simple program. Would have thought someone by now would have bridged the two together with a patch or plugin/addon.
  13. Ya I know lame request but... Going through a LOT of dvd's this weekend (maybe 200?) reburning to new discs because the old ones were cheap and dying. After the burn, I go to hit close to go back to the main window, but twice I've hit burn instead because right beside one another, and the disc I stuck in after the finished on ejected, starts getting burned to. Cancelling is a pain, I swear a full burn takes as long as cancelling. Anyway, having CLOSE and BURN so close together is a pain because a small slip of the mouse later, you have a disc for the trash can. Maybe have the Set Labels and Set Boot Options as tabs, and have the Burn and Close buttons on opposite sides of the screen.
  14. Was looking up info regarding this as well... too bad the response to the original post was somewhat useless. When I used Nero, after DVDShrink did it's thing it would automatically start burning to disc. I have 2 drives in my system and would like to be able to put a blank disc in the burner, my movie that I want backed up in the regular drive, hit shrink and walk away. Come back later and it's all done. I like CDBurnerXP more than Nero, but, just disappointed that the two programs don't link together. Anyone know how to do it? or just a limitation of how DVDShrink was programmed? Thanks.
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