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  1. So, sorry. I figured it out. I put a DVDR in my drive, instead of a CDR
  2. I tried both. All I had to do was copy the new DLL file and paste that in the CDBurnerXP folder, right? Not all those other folders that appeared with it when I unzipped that bundle? Well, with just that file, it worked. I did not get that error message. However, I still got the error message that said I could not burn a CD without pauses. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. The DLL error appeared again. I copied your DLL file again, and I continued. Still, I got the error not permitting me to burn a CD without pauses. What else might be wrong?
  3. I'm trying to burn an audio disc from mp3s, and I am encountering a new problem I never had in the past (I have been using this program for awhile and it has worked flawlessly for me for a long time). First off, I should note that for several months, I have been getting this message when I choose "Burn audio disc": "BASS_ACC: Incorrect BASS.DLL version (2.3 is required)." I had been able to click "OK" and continue fine to make functional CDs. Today I tried to burn a recent mp3 album I downloaded direct from an indie label (official stuff), and I noticed a couple of odd things. First, af
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