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  1. If you leave it unchecked, but do not select having gaps, then the disc will be finalized. To avoid confusing the users the two settings need to be correlated so that finalize can not be unchecked except when selecting gaps between tracks. As a matter of fact the "Finalize disc" box is unchecked by default in the "Burn Audio CD" window, so all audio discs should be not finalized. Could it be that the meaning of the box is backwards in that you have to check it to have the disc unfinalized??? Apparently it is possible to have a gapless unfinalized disc as Audio Cleaning Lab does this. But ACL is not anywhere as convenient to use because it does not handle CD text easily. There used to be a program which would write CD extra disks without gaps between tracks. But it had 2 windows, one for the audio tracks, and a second one for the appended non audio tracks. It was one of the best burners going, but alas it died with Win 7, and never would handle the newer drives. The latest version makes one wait for the burning window to come up while it sets up things like Flac for burning. True, it is not hours, but it is still 30s on my machine which is a bit inconvenient.
  2. DAMN, I twice wrote this and accidentally hit save draft by mistake, but nowhere can I find where the draft was saved, as the window does not tell me! THIS NEED TO BE CHANGED. There is nothing in the help about this, I did a search and came up with many web sites. In the Audio burn menu the "Finalize disc" box is by default unchecked, which logically means the disk will not be finalized. THIS IS FALSE. The box should always reflect what WILL happen, not what MIGHT happen. But better yet I would like to be able to burn a pauseless CD that is not finalized. I can not have pauses in the middle of long musical selections, but I wish to include information about the music in the second session. And the Finalize disc box would then be checked by default. And the burn menu should either come up immediately afte pressing burn, and not after the loooong wait for a FLAC file to be setup. Better yet this menu should be part of the standard audion burning menu, so I can set it and then not be bothered by it later.
  3. It is possible with some other burners to create Mixed Mode gapless CDs with audio in session 1 and data in session 2. According to the documenttation one must check the Track at once/pause between tracks to record a music CD without closing it, but I need to burn a gapless CD. It is very inconvenient to have gaps in the middle of a musical selection. There are other burners that can do this! The documentation is NOT up to date because there is no track at once check box, only a pause between tracks box. If it can not write an open session, then the Finalize Disk box should be automatically checked. Actually the finalize box should be checked by default for audio CDs. So there are really 3 problems hers. 1. incorrect documentation 2. misleading check boxes 3. missing ability to write gapless CD extra. This program is one of the best at handling CD Text, but since I usually write CD extra, I have to use other programs, when I would prefer to use CDBurner XP.
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