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  1. I ended up buying a new DVD drive (SONY Optiarc AD-7700S) with a Win 7 compatibile firmware and works 100% on my system without any driver or software installation. I tried to contact DELL support to get an update firmware for the L633A drive and they were no help at all, very poor service. I guess there isn't one available and they wanted to charge me just to look at my issue.
  2. Hi, Has anyone found the cause of incorrect function for this device, I have justed upgraded my system to WIn7 64 bit and now my TS-L633A device cannot burn. At first it would hang at the end of the burn process, It would physically burn but fail at the end and the system sees it as a blank DVD. I have run MS Fixit and now CDBurnerXP performs the burn and reports that the DVD has been burnt, but when looking at the DVD+R it has not actually physically burnt into the DVD, putting the DVD back into the system brings up the "How do you want to use this disc..." window, as if the DVD is blank.
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