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  1. Will do I don't mean ISO files. RAW images are digital photographic images shot with a Canon DSLR and have a *.CR2 extension ala *.JPG. What puzzles me is why did an alternative burning software not have any problems burning the same files, and a result no wasted disks.
  2. Since updating CDBurnerXP in my Windows 7 PC, I have wasted nearly 10 DataWrite blank DVD 4.7Gb DVD-R disks trying to burn some RAW images to these disks. I get to about 4 minutes left to burn and then an error message ' Exception From HRESULT 0x80040255' keeps cropping up repeatedly, and the disks eject. Wasted toasts. What is going on? The optical drive is an LG HL-DT-ST DVD_RAM GSA-H55N I used the same brancd of DataWrite Titatnium DVDs to burn 100s of disks before and never had this issue except for an occasional duff blank DVD-R disk. If anyone can help resolve this, I'd be g
  3. I have a 6Gb data while which I am trying to burn onto DVD disks.I am trying to use the disc spanning utility within CDBurner XP but when I select both options within the disc spanning,I get a message ---'Disc spanning is not possible because the file is greater than a single disc. Remove the file or use a disc type with greater capacity' Surely,I thought the whole idea of disc spanning was to enable the splitting of a data file and spanning across one or more DVD disks.If I had a disc type with a greater capacity,surely I would not be using disc spanning.This error message makes no sense a
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