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  1. I understand, but what do you mean by "if you are lucky"? I am trying to copy a homemade video dvd, which doesn't have any encryption whatsoever. My task is simple: to copy a dvd to an image (iso and mds), it doesn't matter whether it is video or data, I don't think my error was related to the content type, it simply didn't create the image. Nero did this, why cannot CDburner do it in the same way? Are we not talking about the same program type here (cd/dvd burner and image creator)? Thanks a lot.
  2. Hello, I have been searching for a proper topic but I couldn't find so I started a new one for this issue. I am using the latest version for CDburnerXP ( in Windows Vista Home Premium (latest updates). When I try to make an image for a disk (Copy disk to Image: iso or mds) the resulting image file is not valid, and of course it cannot be since the copying process takes only 1 second. Basically, everything is ok, it starts to copy the disk and right after 1 second the process is finished. When I check the image file from the disk it has a size of 2.5 MB (something like this). I tr
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