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  1. I am trying to add 20.000 files to newly created compilation. However CDBurnerXP cannot complete this task as Windows complains that it runs out of resources because CDBurnerXP holds a lock for each added file. The problem was reported in 2014, 2015 and now in 2017 this is still a problem. I am using CDBurnerXP For that task I had to use Damon Tools which does not suffer from this problem.
  2. Would be nice if CDBurnerXP supports ISZ images natively (without the need to convert them to ISO).
  3. I see. Then I think this is a bug in CDBurnerXP because when I open a saved session and try to burn it, I can end up with broken disk. Or what will happen? Thanks. Is this functionality somewhere in your planned roadmap or could it be added? I would love to vote for it.
  4. Dear all, I wonder how is it possible to move folder to another folder in imported session (when continuing a disk)? I can rename files and folders, but I can't move files neither folders. I believe that should be technically possible. After I have saved the altered session as DXP and opened it, all folders are now unlocked and I can move them. I think I shouldn't burn the disk using that opened session, as it will create a mess on the disk. Or can I? Thanks!
  5. I have hit the same problem. I was burning BlueRay disk, and I completely forgot about UDF so I got ISO with "large" files. Now disk is not usable, as all file sizes are "truncated" to max value. Why couldn't CDBurnerXP prevent me from writing such invalid compilation?
  6. Dear CDBurnerXP community! I wonder, if it is possible to rename (or move files), which are imported from previously burned session? On my backup disk I from time to time do some reshuffling of the files and I would like to move them to another newly created folders. Renaming of files is also nice to have. At the moment only removing is possible.
  7. I've got the same problem when burning the data-part of mixed-mode disk: 10:38:08 Preparing to burn disc at 48x (8.467 KB/s) 10:38:08 Burn process started at 48x (8.467 KB/s) 10:38:09 (devInvalidFieldInParmList) Error sending session CueSheet (SAO). Invalid Field In Parameter List. - 0x052600 10:38:15 Burn process started at 48x (8.467 KB/s) First I thought that it is drive or OS dependant (I have Win7 and WinXP on different PCs). But it turned out that I've forgotten to enable "Session at Once" in advanced options
  8. I've got the same message. This is because I've renamed the FLAC file, and realized this only when tried to play the file, as Flo suggested. I think, that message is uninformative: it tells about the consequence, but not the reason ("File not found", ...).
  9. Flo, how to provide additional info about the problem? Is your advise from post above applicable?
  10. I suffer from the same issue when trying to import DVD session to CDBurn v4.3.7.2423: "Invalid UDF tag" is shown and the session is empty. Logfile is attached.
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