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  1. you Can change the calendar by these steps: 1. From "Control Panel' , select 'Regional and Language Options' 2.In 'General' tab press on 'Customize' button 3.In the Date tab, ensure that Hijri date is selected (you can select Hijri calendar from 'Calendar type' drop down list) but not all windows versions support other calendars, maybe local versions support local calendars this is technical art about hijri calendar http://www.microsoft.com/middleeast/msd ... endar.aspx
  2. I want to make a program with VB6 to make cd with autorun and some advertising material, Iwant this program to make a .dxp file and send a shell Command to burn this file by CDburnerXp
  3. version windows XP sp3 1- choose "Copy or grab Disc" 2- choose HardDisc 3- choose file name 4-Click Copy Disc the program Crash Down Here but this Only happened when language interface is Arabic(Jordon) the English interface does not crash the program, I think the error is the Arabic translation, In this case this translation have many Spelling errors
  4. I mean Date parameter witch appear when right click on folder-> properties
  5. Can I create .dxp with my private program and burn it by cdburnerxp?
  6. when System Calendar is not Gregorian (for example Hijri) and in a data disc you Create new folder, you can't save the compilation, you have error msg "Specified time is not supported in this calendar...." you can fix this problem when you edit the parameter time manually I think this is small bug, But it must be fixed version windows xp
  7. the Program Crash Down when trying to Copy Disc to ISO version windows XP
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