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  1. Hi Guys Love the Program, but seems now that now Steinberg have finally got their S**t together and brought out an app that plays nicely with CD Burning in Windows 7 - 64 bit, it has screwed up my goto App, i.e. CDBXP which although Wavelab can do much more than CDBXP it's like hitting an Ant with a Hammer most times when you just want to burn a quick data CD. Does anyone else have any experience with Wavelab 7 and CDBXP incompatibilities? Symptoms are: Click on the CDBXP icon and eventually it will open (5 - 15 Minutes later) but won't go past the first screen. I've tried going bac
  2. I have two LG GH22NS40 Sata dvd writers and when I select 15 tracks from mp3's to be burned as an Audio cd, it burns fine but the audio tracks have small clicks present. I then use Wavelab 7 (Huge Beast of an App which is why I like CDBXP) and the same tracks burn fine with no clicks. Anyone have any ideas? I really love CD Burner XP due to it's small footprint and ease of use etc. I reccomend it to all my friends and clients but I don't want clicks. My PC Spec is as follows: CDXP Version: 4.237.2356 (32Bit) Win 7 x64 8Gb Ram Q9550 CPU 5Tb various drives LG GH22NS40 Sata Dvd
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