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  1. Although there are some bugs in the CD-Text writing by CDBXP I have a suggestion for future releases regarding CD-Text. In EAC (Exact Audio Copy) there are two options that are very useful. It lets the user choose to write both artist and title into the title frame of the cd text. In this way, players who only show the CD-Text title will now show both artist and title. The second feature is to format all CD-Text in Upper Case characters. Personally I don't really see the use of this feature but it might be useful to some. Here's a screenshot of the options in EAC:
  2. I like the fact that CDBXP can quickly generate covers for burned Audio CDs. However, sometimes an mp3 is mistagged and you edit this information in the information columns in the drag-and-drop area at the bottom of the interface to get the correct info used for CD-Text. However, changes made in the info are not being picked up in the "print cover" feature of CDBXP. I'd like to see the "print cover" feature use CD-Text when the CD-Text differs from the information that CDBXP generated from ID3 tags, so you don't get wrong artist, titles or blank fields when you print a cd cover. Hope you wa
  3. In light of these BASS dll versions, would it be recommended to manually update BASS DLL files? I.e. do new versions of the BASS dll files yield better results in either or both audio quality and burning speed?
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    I've encountered the same issue today. The CD-text seems to cut off at a certain number of characters.
  5. Hi I'm using CDBXP for only a little while. I just updated to the latest 64-bit version As I received an error message in a previous version of CDBXP I decided to do a simulation before burning a new audio CD. However, when I tried this I got an alert reporting that a simulation was not available in this type of session (or something similar, translated from Dutch). This is strange because the error occurred while trying to burn an Audio CD, whilst the alert said simulation was not available for both DVD and Blu-Ray sessions. I don't know if this is a known error, or if I'm
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