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  1. There is no doubt in my mind, CDBurnerXP is a great application. I have used another high dollar CD Burning application in the past (no name mentioned), and CDBurnerXP is much better in my opinion. Faster, easier to use, and NO COASTERS! That says it all for me. I did have a problem once, and after a few emails, Flo quickly fixed it. What other Tech Support would have such quick, dedicated, support? Many thanks to Flo for such a great tool ! It is the BEST CD burning application as far as I am concerned. Dave
  2. Just wanted to let everyone know, it is now fixed for me. I worked with Flo offline, and tested several versions and found exactly where it broke. The last working version for me was, and the problem surfaced in and versions after. I am confident my problem was not the same as the original author/note in this thread dated 2008, as the problem for me started with the version released in Jan-2010. Error message was the same though. Flo gave me access to an unofficial release, and it is fixed there. Anyway, many thanks to Flo for getting this fixed. I am very
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