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    [R] Big Bug

    That's all there is. More there was nothing there! I described the process an error occurs, try to repeat it.
  2. Amychok

    [R] Big Bug

    I wrote all of what is missing?
  3. Amychok

    [R] Big Bug

    I wrote: 1. Put in DVD-RW disc recording 2. Launched CDBurnerXP 3. In the new window select "Erase Disk" 4. Chose the method of "safe" and click "Clear" 5. And immediately came out of his account Windows (not closed, and pressed the "Switch User") a list of accounts.
  4. Amychok

    [R] Big Bug

    System timer ATA Channel 1 IDE Channel Optiarc DVD RW AD-7173A ATA Device CD-ROM drive Generic USB SM Reader USB Device Disk drive amdkmdag Microsoft Hardware - USB-keyboard NDProxy Standard OpenHCD USB host controller Standard bridge PCI - PCI Drive Standard bridge PCI - CPU gdrv High Precision Event Timer Root USB-Hub Miniport WAN (L2TP) H: \ USB CF Reader Universal shadow copy volumes ATA Channel 0 IDE Channel Beep HTTP Renesas Electronics USB 3.0 Root Hub Direct memory access controller Miniport WAN (Network Monitor)
  5. Why CDBXP don't support to the burning VCD (Video CD) format! It's Bad!
  6. Amychok

    [R] Big Bug

    An error has occurred, and the report will not be able to send Sending myself Info: Системный таймер ATA Channel 1 Канал IDE Optiarc DVD RW AD-7173A ATA Device CD-ROM дисковод Generic USB SM Reader USB Device Дисковый накопитель amdkmdag Оборудование Майкрософт — USB-клавиатура NDProxy Стандартный OpenHCD USB хост-контроллер Стандартный мост PCI - PCI Дисковод Стандартный мост PCI - CPU gdrv Высокоточный таймер событий Корневой USB-концентратор Минипорт WAN (L2TP) H:\ USB CF Reader Универсальная теневая копия тома ATA Channel 0 К
  7. Там квадратик какой-то!
  8. Мне кажется слово "информация" удобнее и привычнее видеть в сокращении "инф-ция"
  9. 1. Include in the program direct links to download the latest versions of utility InCD and SecurDisc Viewer (for example, copying a disk or write UDF) from the site (http://www.nero.com/enu/tools-utilities.html). 2. When installing the program proposes to auto-update Windows, so that the computer was. NET Framework with all the latest updates, hotfixes and language packs. And update Firmware to CD/DVD/Blu-ray drives. 3. Full support SecurDisc 2.0 (http://www.securdisc.net/eng/index.html)
  10. Why not include in its support of technologies such as: Disc T@2 (http://www.yamahamultimedia.com/yec/tech/discta2_01.asp), LabelFlash (http://labelflash.jp/) and LightScribe (http://www.lightscribe.com/)? Only because of this we have to keep Nero.
  11. I used CDBurnerXP (Portable version x64). When the update came out , I downloaded it, the official website (version in a zip archive. Unpack the archive in the folder where the previous version (with replacement copy, usually all Portable programs are updated in this way). I was surprised when, after the update found that the program shows that it is still version .
  12. Не хотите поменять на CD-текст Replay Gain на Выравнивание громкости
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