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  1. I should add that when I create this CD, the auto-play function works fine when booted into Windows XP!! But when I try to reboot from the CD, I get a "Disk I/O error; replace disk and reboot" message, which I do NOT get from the CD I burnt in an earlier version of this software.
  2. I POSTED BEFORE WITH NO REPLIES! I TRULY NEED SOME HELP UNDERSTANDING WHAT I AM DOING WRONG HERE........ I want to burn a bootable Windows XP CD with CD burnerXP v. 4.37; I had instructions from version 4.0; my question is this: Concerning ISO levels, using ISO9660/Joliet as the file system, I have Level 1, Level 2 and ISO9660:1999; I used Level2 trying to build bootable WinXP CD and it didn't work...is that where I messed up? those settings worked in an earlier version, I thought...but this version 4.37 has more options, Level 1 ISO, Level 2 ISO, and ISO9660:1999 and the CD i made from
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