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  1. Hello, it happened to me a few times that I had already prepared a compilation (within a second instance of CDBurnerXP) to start the burning process as soon as burning the previous disk ends. However, in the meantime I accidentally moved the files to another folder or removed the source USB drive. When the missing file is reached, the burning process stops and CDBurnerXP is not responding any more. Of course, the disc is broken afterwards. It would be nice if CDBurnerXP would recheck if the files to be burned are still available before starting the burning process (and ideally lock
  2. Thank you. It seems it was the UDF file system type, which my DVD player can't handle. As the avi videos are typically much smaller than 4 GB, the Joliet file system will be suitable for me. Alex
  3. Thank you for your answer. The files are not converted in any way - my DVD player is capable playing DivX(avi) files. However, the DVDs burned with CDBurnerXP don't work, while DVDs written with Nero or the built-in Windows function work without any problems. Is there any tool to get information about the DVD file system, to compare the DVDs burned with CDBurnerXP and the Windows-native tool? Alex
  4. Hello! I have burned avi files to a DVD using CDBurnerXP and wanted to play them in a DivX-capable DVD player. However, while older DVDs all work (written using Nero 6 on Windows XP), the DVD player only shows "disc error" when trying to play a DVD burned with CDBurnerXP (on Windows 7 x64, where Nero 6 is not working any more...). Using the built-in Windows burning tool, the avi-files play on the DVD player. Therefore I wonder if CDBurnerXP somehow creates non-standard data DVDs? Alex
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