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  1. Hello, This is an old post. Was this bug corrected? I am interested in trialing this software again if the coaster pile would be reduced. Thank you, Silekonn
  2. Hello, This post was quite some time ago. I now have a spanning project and am willing to try CDBurnerXP again. Can you tell me if there was any progress with the issues? Thank you, Silekonn
  3. Hello, The disc span feature needs several improvements. When writing and verifying discs, a disc may have a verification error (e.g. Expected file count: 1402, Actual file count: 1386). There is no option to retry the disc. There is not even an option to be notified which files were not written. The functionality is incomplete. If several spanned discs were written and then "files are missing" there should be no reason the entire span has to be restarted (which would take several more media and many hours if gigabytes are being written). The log shows that the second and al
  4. Hello, Can someone verify this? I am attempting another span, over 6+ DVD+R DLs today, and would appreciate the support. Thanks, Silekonn
  5. Hello, When spanning discs, the continuing discs are at maximum speed regardless of the chosen (in my case lowered from 8X to 6X) speed. Screenshot for explanation: I will also support this post: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=9271 about endless burning. My first attempt froze half way in to the second disc and the system required a reboot. Thank you, Silekonn P.S. The burn/verify complete success message has the "total time" of the last disc only.
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