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  1. Hello, I use v4.5.8.6795 after long break and after burning I can't screening or check the data on the disk because I get an error message from CDburnerXP ... What's wrong? Regards, Skywriter
  2. Hello, why is the print size from cdburnerxp not so who I need for the cd-case ... ? Regards, Skywriter
  3. Skywriter

    After second title finish burning

    Inzwischen habe ich den Eindruck gewonnen, dass Du mich nicht verstehen willst! Egal! Es gibt Programme mit dem Charme von Win98, die inzwischen den Job auf Win8.1, 64-bit, bestens erledigt haben. Warum hier dauernd neue Updates veröffentlicht werden, die nichts bringen, ist mir schleierhaft! In diesem Sinne und guten Tag!
  4. Skywriter

    After second title finish burning

    Hallo, I mean that the program hang up itself - see the 'vergangene Zeit:' ... Than I have to start the task manager, end the process and open the burner-drawer that continue my work ... Is the 32-/64-bit-portable version on a 64-bit Win8.1-System not a good idea ... If I open the program I can't see the bit-version what is in progress ... Not a good support! Regards, Skywriter
  5. Hallo, the simultaneous-modus to burn say O.K. and if I like to burn the CD then at the second title is 'game over' ! I use the 32-bit? program-version on a 64-bit Win 8.1. My DVD-Burner is Mashita DVD-RAM UJ8E2Q I have already 2 CDs in the trash! Have anybody an idea ... Regards, Skywriter
  6. Skywriter

    'Peaks' after burning

    the next time, when I am burning a CD ...
  7. Skywriter

    'Peaks' after burning

    This was not my solution ... I burn with an other program and have no problems ... I think I don't understand this option: Track title and artist information On the tracks in audacity I can see the 'cracks' to begin the song!
  8. Hello (without Javascript), I can burning Audio-CD's. OK. When a single song starts, I hear a 'klick' or a 'peak'. If I hear the songs over mp3-files on the PC, this 'cracks' to begin the song non-existent ... Have somebody an idea!? regards, Skywriter
  9. Skywriter

    BUG: CDBurnerXP - multi-session CD is wrong

    I confirm that CDBurnerXP is not able to make Data-Multi-Sessions. Mean 'Multi-Session' only Audio-Tracks? ... Or? cheers, skywriter

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