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  1. Hello, I use v4.5.8.6795 after long break and after burning I can't screening or check the data on the disk because I get an error message from CDburnerXP ... What's wrong? Regards, Skywriter
  2. Hello, why is the print size from cdburnerxp not so who I need for the cd-case ... ? Regards, Skywriter
  3. Inzwischen habe ich den Eindruck gewonnen, dass Du mich nicht verstehen willst! Egal! Es gibt Programme mit dem Charme von Win98, die inzwischen den Job auf Win8.1, 64-bit, bestens erledigt haben. Warum hier dauernd neue Updates veröffentlicht werden, die nichts bringen, ist mir schleierhaft! In diesem Sinne und guten Tag!
  4. Hallo, I mean that the program hang up itself - see the 'vergangene Zeit:' ... Than I have to start the task manager, end the process and open the burner-drawer that continue my work ... Is the 32-/64-bit-portable version on a 64-bit Win8.1-System not a good idea ... If I open the program I can't see the bit-version what is in progress ... Not a good support! Regards, Skywriter
  5. Hallo, the simultaneous-modus to burn say O.K. and if I like to burn the CD then at the second title is 'game over' ! I use the 32-bit? program-version on a 64-bit Win 8.1. My DVD-Burner is Mashita DVD-RAM UJ8E2Q I have already 2 CDs in the trash! Have anybody an idea ... Regards, Skywriter
  6. the next time, when I am burning a CD ...
  7. This was not my solution ... I burn with an other program and have no problems ... I think I don't understand this option: Track title and artist information On the tracks in audacity I can see the 'cracks' to begin the song!
  8. Hello (without Javascript), I can burning Audio-CD's. OK. When a single song starts, I hear a 'klick' or a 'peak'. If I hear the songs over mp3-files on the PC, this 'cracks' to begin the song non-existent ... Have somebody an idea!? regards, Skywriter
  9. I confirm that CDBurnerXP is not able to make Data-Multi-Sessions. Mean 'Multi-Session' only Audio-Tracks? ... Or? cheers, skywriter
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