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  1. I executed it again to obtain the requested data and it completed successfully. I hate it when that happens! I will try it again tomorrow.
  2. I don't see any message, so it must just return to the original settings tab. Just as if I had just started it. Usually when it kicks out a target disc, it'll "disc can't be be written to" or "not enough space on disc" or something.
  3. Now I see the you're asking about. By "new operation" I mean it's like CDBurner is is saying "OK, I've done that, what next?".
  4. What part don't you understand?
  5. Every time I attempted to copy my Win 7 DVD using my single DVD drive, it would copy the source just fine(maybe 4-5 minutes) then eject source and ask for a blank DVD. I insert the blank and close door, but after about 15 seconds the door opens and CDBurner XP( & 4.5.1.????) is asking for a new operation. No error message or anything. If I copy the source DVD to my HDD then copy the files to a blank DVD(same one), it works just fine. I will give it an A for consistency...it does the same thing every time. Ideas???
  6. I noticed exactly the same thing when burning backup copies of my Win 7 DVD.
  7. The Help for the main menu shows that there is a separate selection for Audio or Data format under the Copy or Grab disc selection. I've installed the latest version 4.3.8 and there is no Audio/Data selection. Is the Help wrong or did my install go wrong? I've installed on both Win7 HP x64 and XP Pro SP3 with the same results.
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