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  1. The file system used for CD/DvD has some limitations; When I made a backup I noticed that the filename+extension is truncated to 254 characters, and the extension to 3 characters. Some burners give a warning. The most annoying thing is that in such cases .flac files are truncated to .fla and are not recognized by e.g. Winamp. So check if the filename is long; also weird characters in a filename like ë á ì give sometimes problems.
  2. The Dutch word for "to copy" is kopiëren and not kopieëren like it is used on several places Main window: the stem of "kopiëren" in kopieer (without diaeresis); also used on other places In the main window; it is "audio- en dataschijven"; - forgotten Main window: dataschijf and audioschijf are one word (opposite to English) In dropdown menu's combinations with "schijf" are written as two words, but it is schijfinformatie and schijfnaam without a space. This also holds als for the word stationsinformatie which is wrong with a space in it. The word "bestand" is misspelled as "besetand" in
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