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  1. Hi, have you installed your system with AHCI? I believe that this could cause the issue as i remember that all installed OS are usng AHCI mode instead of standard IDE. Will try it... Or installing the AHCI driver from maibord vender instead of Windows default. bye Loveboat
  2. Hi all, i have some trouble with some ASUS drives and my boards. I had installed a pc for a friend and i like CDBurnerXP as it is the best, smallest and most logical application. But on that, and on another as well, i have some trouble that no drive is available for creating a data disc, but the drive is available for others like audio disk and copy disk, and it burns. Here one setting (think it is the same issue on the 2nd pc): Mainbaord: MSI 785GTM-E45 CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800 RAM: 4 GB OS: Win7 64bit SATA mode: AHCI Drive:
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