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  1. I am using version I have added files from a folder on a removable flash drive. It does not save the compilation dxp properly. It thinks the sub folders are on the C: drive. I have attached it here. As you can see, it's totally messed up on saving the compilation. It thinks the sub folder files are on the C drive, when it's on the removable G: drive RadTutor BackUp Compilation2.dxp
  2. CdBurnerXp has been working good till about 2 weeks ago. When it selects the max burn speed and burns, my burner makes a loud racing noise. Sounds like it is burning at 96x. I can read the burned cd disk, one of my customers told me, they can't read the cd disk. What causes it to burn too fast? When I manually told it to burn at 8x, the cd drive is quite quiet. And I can read it from another computer of mine. What is happening here. Is my drive going bad? Is it a driver? Is it CdBurnerXp? I have had the very same thing to happen, about 2 OR 3 years ago with an
  3. MSE dectects your program as a potential threat Who would want to install a potential threat on their computer.
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