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  1. sorry - but after a more thorough search - i noticed a reaaaally long thread about this issue, and i have the same chip sets mentioned (AMD) the mentioned solution are too messy for me, isn't there something else? i really love the xpburner but won't mess with configuring a false raid drive in my new computer many thanks
  2. Hi! i use win 7 ultimate 32 bit on a MB Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.GA-MA78LMT-US2H 2 HD connected via SATA and an LG DVD drive connected through SATA as well have the latest version of xpburner.. the system (i.e. win) recognizes the dvd drive in all places - as well as the XPburner in the "copy cd" window BUT in any other set (i.e. music compilation or data compilation) - i cannot see my dvd drive as it is not appearing anywhere, i can only see "no compatible drive" in the window there is no way of using the options to change this situation... i saw older posts with no act
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