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  1. http://cdburnerxp.se/help/References/burnoptions check above, you can choose the burning speed as you like
  2. Hi, I have a issue hoping to get help from your guys: I use limewire an dCDburnerXP to download/burn cd, but the quality of the CD was faint sound and kind of fuzzy. Does this have anything to do with either of those programs and if so, what should I switch to for better sound quality? what's the possible reason?
  3. when we discuss dvd, we usually means data dvd or movie data, since you are trying to store your flac music, I think you make a mistake here, because you can't burn audio into movie DVD, at lease I don't know
  4. hi, any video converter or audio converter tool can support audio split or simple editing function you may try http://www.topaudioconverter.com, which isn't free but the quality is not bad if you like freebie, you may check www.handbrake.fr, but handbrake seems sometime (not always), when dealing with flac files, failed...
  5. as I understand, you are trying to create a movie dvd, which should be very easy, if you can't play your movie dvd in dvd player, it's usually region error, there will be a code for your player to remove region error.ask it from your dealer where you purchased it enter it and you can play any region dvd by doing so. but since this dvd is created by you, region code shouldn't be a problem you may tried http://www.burn-avi-to-dvd.com, which I used and they are nice
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