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  1. Constant disk access: Today, on a newer Windows 7 Ultimate computer, using cdbxp_setup_4.5.6.5931_x64_minimal.exe, I got the same problem I had before. I burned 4 Blu-Ray disks perfectly, then exited CDBurnerXP. When I started CDBurnerXP again, I got only continuous disk access. CDBurnerXP would not exit. One of those times, I was unable to kill CDBurnerXP using Process Explorer. I uninstalled CDBurnerXP and re-started the computer. I tried the latest portable version, CDBurnerXP-x64- Same problem, constant disk access and CDBurnerXP would not exit. I uninstalled CDBurnerXP and re-started the computer. I installed cdbxp_setup_4.5.3.4746_x64_minimal.exe. That is working. In July 2015, I posted this same issue: https://forum.cdburnerxp.se/topic/9947-cdburner-never-starts-causes-continuous-disk-access/ I saw no applicable fixes in https://cdburnerxp.se/help/appendices/troubleshooting Contact form failure: I tried to use the contact form using the Firefox and Pale Moon 64-bit browsers. I got a message like this numerous times: Enter the words in the picture to see this email address. An internal error occurred: 525C8D79FBFFA.A4498A7.C7055094
  2. When I click on the CDBurner icon, there is continuous disk access, but CDBurner never starts.. The failure occurred after I installed and un-installed ImgBurn, but I have to way to know if the problem was caused by ImgBurn. A log file is attached. I don't see any error messages. Version:, and several others. Windows XP Ultimate. All other functions working. StarBurn.log
  3. Suggestions: 1) List not only the version, but whether the version is 32-bit or 64-bit. 2) Make the About window large, and with no scrolling.
  4. I'd prefer to do editing. However, if you have writing, maybe it would be appropriate for me. Thanks again for addressing my issue with drag and drop. futurepower.net
  5. Slow to respond, but here now. This page needs updating: http://cdburnerxp.se/en/news
  6. Sure. I would like to do editing only. Please direct me to what I should do first.
  7. It's working now. Yes, I'm using the latest version. I discovered that the .ini file should be placed in: C:\Documents and Settings\MichaelJ\Application Data\Canneverbe Limited\CDBurnerXP\UserSettings.ini NOT in C:\Documents and Settings\MichaelJ\Application Data\Canneverbe Limited\CDBurnerXP\\UserSettings.ini I discovered that the parameter in \CDBurnerXP\UserSettings.ini was set to zero: PreventDefaultDragDrop=0 I changed it to =1 and CDBurnerXP began working correctly. I don't think I made that mistake. I merely copied the UserSettings.ini file from the deeper folder to the other, but now they are different. Is there some way the program could re-set the UserSettings.ini file parameters? ALSO: 1) It is possible to rename files or folders. So, it is still possible to change the file system by making a mistake in CDBurnerXP. 2) Trying to drag and drop a file from one place to another in the right pane, the Folder pane, causes there to be a circle with a slash. However, there is no error icon like that when trying to drag and drop a file to the left pane, the File System pane; it just doesn't copy. QUESTIONS: 1) I think it might be far better to use the portable version of CDBurnerXP. Then there would be no CDBurnerXP files or settings outside of the installation folder, is that correct? 2) Must I un-install the normal version if I want to use the portable version? 3) Are there any advantages to using the installed version? Wouldn't the portable version be better in every case? Thank you very much for your attention to this. Is there anything that needs editing? Possibly I could help in that way. My web site: futurepower.net.
  8. The source window is the File System window, NTFS. The target window is the File System window, also. The problem is that some users are not expecting that a CD and DVD burning program would be able to make changes in the file system. If someone begins to drag a folder from the File System window to the CD burning Compilation window, and changes his or her mind, he or she often just lifts a finger from the mouse and lets the folder drop somewhere random in in the File System window. That ruins the file system organization in that particular area. That mistake is encouraged by the fact that some CD and DVD burning programs don't allow changes to the File System from within their GUIs. It is difficult or impossible to teach a new behavior reliably to someone with years of experience with computers who isn't interested in computers. As I mentioned, I was watching when a head of administration destroyed a company's entire accounting system. She intended to back up the system to DVD, but became distracted and dropped one of the accounting folders in a random place. If I hadn't been watching, it would have been very difficult to discover why the accounting program was no longer working. She certainly was not aware of what she did. Restoring from one of the backups would have erased all the accounting work she did that day. Big problem: The people in Admin don't always remember or have records of what was entered. They just expect the accounting system to work. Who works in accounting? Often people who were trained by someone in accounting, people who have no technical training and no interest in technical training. CDBurnerXP is by far the best CD and DVD burning program I've seen. Nero and Roxio have created many problems because of bugs and bad design. But, in my opinion, the fact that a GUI used for making backups allows changes to the file system slows or prevents wider adoption by people who just want to work with computers, but aren't interested in them. Thanks again for CDBurnerXP.
  9. Thanks for the attention! However, I wasn't able to make the new setting: PreventDefaultDragDrop=1 prevent drag and drop in the file system window. It was still possible to move a file or folder by dragging and dropping. I added that line to my UserSettings.ini file in the folder: C:\Documents and Settings\MichaelJ\Application Data\Canneverbe Limited\CDBurnerXP\ Below is part of my UserSettings.ini file: [General] AppLanguage=en-US PreventDefaultDragDrop=1 ExitToNotify=0 ToolbarDisplayStyle=2 OnlyUseSingleUnit=0 StartLastUsedProjectType=1 LoggingEnabled=0 UseCustomTempFolder=1 LastUsedProjectType=1 AutoUpdate=0 CustomTempFolder=C:\Temp UseSPTD=0
  10. It is too easy at present to make accidental changes to the file system. It would be great if there were a configuration setting that prevented CDBurnerXP from making any changes whatsoever to a computer's file system. With that setting, CDBurnerXP could only make CD and DVD copies, not changes. We want to install CDBurnerXP on customer's computers, and eliminate the terrible, terrible bloated, buggy commercial burner applications. We installed CDBurnerXP on the computer of an administrative manager. The first thing she did was grab an accounting folder. She intended to drop it in the burner window, but accidentally dropped it somewhere in the upper file system window. That disabled the company's accounting system! Luckily, I watched her make the mistake and it was easy to fix. We think now that the upper window of CDBurnerXP is too powerful to give to people who lack experience with computers.
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