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  1. Thanks - for both the response and all the great work you do.
  2. I'd appreciate a response to my question.
  3. I have a suggestion here. That is that an auto update should advise the user and pause for permission before beginning the update. This past May, as posted in this forum, after loading CDBXP, I looked up to my screen to see some sort of install going on and, being ever cautious regarding viruses and other threats - and not knowing what the install was about - aborted the process as quickly as I could. That led to CDBXP problems where I could no longer burn audio CDs. The problem was eventually resolved with a reinstall. But, IMHO, to safeguard the integrity of a user's system, as well
  4. Does CDBurnerXp record the date an audio CD is burned anywher on the CD? I've mixed up some new improved CDs with older ones having the same title, and can't tell which is which.
  5. As you suggested, I downloaded the portable version. and It behaved in the same manner. But today I downloaded the regular version of the new release,, and it worked without problems. I have the error log and screen shots of the incident from last week (version, and can still send them if you wish. Question: One other user has noted the same problem - and on the same day. Is it possible that the auto updater would have been been doing any sort of install for last Wednesday?
  6. I'm using Win XP SP3 with two CD drives; an NEC 2500 and an Optiarc USB Lightscribe drive. I've been using CDBXP for about 45 days without problems. (Great program) Two days ago, I launched CDBXP, looked down, then looked up a few seconds later to see that something was being installed on my system. Always suspicious of installs taking place without notice or permission, I quickly killed it - so quickly, I didn't learn what it was that was being installed. Since that time, I haven't been able to burn audio CDs with CDBXP. I get an error at the beginning of the burn that essentially says
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