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  1. OK, I see that IE now prompts before allowing the ActiveX control to run. This is good enough for me for now. Perhaps future versions could set the kill-bit on the affected ActiveX control during installation? I did look for any existing information about the issue on your site but couldn't find the security announcement. There don't seem to be any links to it? I tried the FAQ, the Knowledge Base and the Troubleshooting section, but even knowing that it exists I can't figure out how to get to it. I also tried some searches the other day but with no luck. A list of security announcemen
  2. I suspect this has already been fixed, but I can't find it in the archive of fixed bugs. (Add http:// to the front of the URLs, the spam filter was blocking me!) secunia.com/advisories/31949/ retrogod.altervista.org/9sg_numedia_xpl.html Could you please confirm that this has been fixed? (As a sysadmin I have to be very careful about the security status of software installed on my desktop!) Thanks, Harry.
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