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  1. I would have to agree that it would be such a pain going through navigation to the menu if you can have a separate tool bar that would just flash when you are dealing with cover design. That way, the user is presented with the most needed functions that he will most likely use. Or it could be as simple as including it on the right click menu, sorry for the lack of a better term.
  2. Hello there, can I ask an update from this? I just encountered the problem yesterday and I have been wondering how this would be solved. Good thing I found this thread. I got the same "non of these tracks could be added to audio imageā€¦" but as damask, I did not have the file not found dialog or error. Or is it a problem with the image I have?
  3. I needed to reformat my old computer and install a fresh version of windows but all I have is a folder on my hard disk with all the installation files on it. I initially burned this on a dvd from an iso source but lost the dvd, good thing I have a backup. Now the problem is, I cant get it to function as a bootable drive. I have tried playing with the settings and still the same result. It was easy to do it on an ISO but not when you copy it from a direct source.
  4. I have experienced the same thing here. I have the slim variant of the model, TS-T633C and all works well except for burning data discs. I have no problem with audio cds but just cant get work usb function like to work. I have tried targeting the driver on another path that held a newer version of it but still found no luck.
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